Pterry Tighty the Pterodactyl and Tessa Tighty the Bladder Dragon

Pterry Tighty the Pterodactyl

While working as a clinical hypnotherapist I encountered recurrent issues, such as stress and anxiety but one of which I feel very strongly about is bedwetting.

I always felt so sorry for these children. The shame they were forced to experienced, the limitations on their lives and frequently parents and teachers shouted things like, “You are so lazy.” Their punishments like having to wash out their sheets before going into school had a significant impact on me. When I qualified as a hypnotherapist and realised there was an effective, easy way to help encouraged me to work in this field. Some of the children I have helped over the years were in their teens while others were younger about eight and onwards. Boys and girls are equally affected. This booklet is designed for boys, there is another one for girls. Called Tessa Tightythe Bladder Dragon.

Tessa Tighty the Bladder Dragon

The name Pterry Pterodactyl was chosen as a play on spelling because the P is silent and the child’s pee should be too, only going out of sight into the toilet. The book is the same as the MP3 download so the parent can either read or allow the child to listen to the recording, the latter is a better option as I read it as a hypnotherapy session. In that case, the book serves as a visual reminder for the child. I am no artist but I really enjoyed painting the illustrations then set myself the task of crocheting the soft toy. This last was after one of my small patients saw a toy not quite the same but insisted they had that to cuddle during the sessions as well as going to bed with it.