The Lost Princess

Following their other adventures Vikram, Sita, Becky and Jojo, aka the Quartet of Innocence, undertake another mission for King Galath of Quandah. They are assisted by their old friend Lamghi, the black and gold dragon, though they have to do without the help and guidance of their friend and mentor Ozy. They travel to Xian, a land similar to ancient China in our world, to escort the Emperor’s daughter Princess Zhi back to Quandah following her betrothal to Prince Idwal. When they arrive there, things are not right and they have a race against time to locate and free the missing Princess after another battle with exciting allies.

On their way, they have a stop with a Maharaja and his family. Instead of resting, they assist in putting down an insurrection. The individual skill of each child is needed in hand to hand fighting in the palace as well as the very willing help of Lamghi to bring about a resolution. Here they discover Lamghi has perfected some unusual fire related activities and is appropriately rewarded with jewels from the very grateful Maharaja.

In Xian, they learn more about the Imperial family as well as meeting different people and animals, including the Emperor’s dragons. They also learn more about themselves via Chinese style Astrology readings done by the Court Astrologer as well as some background to the animals of that Zodiac.

Together with Lamghi and Prince Aho, they travel to the northern part of the country where they survive an avalanche and get to meet and help a snow leopard.   They locate where the Princess is being held prisoner and after some harrowing experiences and another fight, they meet a beautiful blue dragon sent by the Emperor.

Finally, after discovering the source of the treachery in the palace the Emperor punishes the culprits in his way. While they escort the Princess back to Quandah. Only to find their old adversary Enneth has been up to no good and although they are all tired, they join the battle and the malevolent influence of Enneth is extinguished.