This visit each child undertakes to visit the minor royalty of the elements to deliver wedding invitations. In their astrology charts, each child is associated with one of the elements.

Sita undergoes a trial to reach the domain of Lady Gaia the ruler of the earth element. She survives the test and enjoys her time with the lady, yet is aware of the possibility of sabotage by the fairies. They do ruin all the floral decorations as the wedding is about to start

but Gaia has replacements to negate the fairy malice.

Becky needs to visit both the fresh and saltwater royalty. First, she visits Queen Aquarella of the Undines whose dwelling is within a waterfall. Here she discovers evidence of a dangerous attempt to kill a young Undine. She is also confronted by a wild woodman who asks her to care for a child he rescued from slavers who had entered the country illegally. Next, she floats down the river in a magical coracle escorted by two pink dolphins. She reaches the sea and is towed by two sea serpents to the domain of King Piscine, the Mer king.

Since Vikram is associated with the air element. He ascends to Castle Eirie to meet King Wyndles and his daughter Princess Zephyr with her husband Lord Tornado. On his way there as well as in the castle there are some disturbing signs of a creeping menace.

Meanwhile, Jojo climbs into the heart of the volcano to visit King Vulcan of Salamander land at Castle Tuff. Using her ninja abilities she dislodges a foreign object and averts a disaster, but what sabotage caused it? On exiting the kingdom she falls and injures her ankle and only just survives thanks to the ministrations of Sita and Regulum her salamander dragon who stays with her all night to keep her warm.